Prayer ropes everywhere 

We don’t have to wait until we have our prayer rope in hand to say the Jesus Prayer. Any time we’re laboring we can be saying it to ourselves, making the task at hand itself a prayer. There’s no need to incorporate the task into a prayer (i.e. folding clothes: “Lord, thank you for providing us clothing to wear and the means to keep it clean…”) unless you wish to. Simply saying the Jesus prayer is sufficient.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Washing dishes, sorting or folding clothes, vacuuming, or a craft such as sewing or knitting, all are perfect repetitive tasks that can be done while praying. Prayer ropes are all around us. Some are pink…

2 thoughts on “Prayer ropes everywhere 

  1. I love to knit in church (with my priest’s blessing of course!). I often have trouble focusing on the Liturgy and simple knitting helps a lot. It is just productive enough that my mind doesn’t give up and wander as it does with a prayer rope but repetitive enough that it doesn’t take my attention away from the prayers. Now that I have a babe in arms I don’t really get to much – my time in church is spent pacing at the back! But once she falls asleep I really treasure the moments during liturgy when knitting helps me be more present.

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