18 months vocabulary 

Words and phrases Mittens uses now: No  Yeah!! (There is no calm "yes" in her vocabulary.) Yay! Peese (please) Tank (thanks) Ah done (all done) More Eat Baba (bottle) Coo-ee (cookie) Oh no! That one This one Want that Kitty Mommy Bye-bye Ah pane (air plane) Bir (bird) Papa

Little Bakers

Two of the oldest girls, Duchess and Flopsy, helped the little ones make and decorate sugar cookies today. And then they cleaned up. Gold. They were very excited to start: Rolling out and cutting... And the best part: decorating! Sprinkles!! And, of course, presenting their work and eating it. Plus the extra sprinkles.


While being asked to review a new children's book on church history (woo hoo!) the editor/publisher said I "seem pretty sensible." The more I think about it the more I realize this might be one of the biggest complements I've ever been given.