Blessing a new church

This weekend the first cycle of services were celebrated at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Humble, TX. The temple and trapeza were built by our parishioner, Liviu Costin, in an amazing labor of love. The iconography is being done by our multi-talented choir director, John Lickwar. This is now a parish of the OCA Romanian Episcopate. Given how new it is and as a priest has not yet been formally assigned, our parish (St. Cyril of Jerusalem Orthodox Church, The Woodlands, TX) contributed liturgical supplies and the choir for the occasion. It was glorious to hear our choir in such a delightful acoustic setting! 

The weekend began with Vespers last evening. This morning started with the reading of hours, followed by the blessing of water in the front of the church. The temple was blessed outside (with procession) and inside, and then Liturgy was celebrated. Afterward there was a fish fry in the new trapeza.

Here is our choir singing the first part of the cherubic hymn:

This is Lavinia Maria Chifor singing during the priests’ communion.

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