Monastery trip 

Yes, it’s been quite the hiatus in posting. The end of the school year was very busy and I just gave myself permission to go on a blog vacation. 

Back to more regular posts now. The above photos are from a last-minute jaunt to Holy Archangels Monastery near Kendalia. It’s always good to go, but it was HOT. 

7 thoughts on “Monastery trip 

  1. I got impressed when I saw these photographs . The interior of the chapel is similar to greek churches. Same icons, same seats. It`s impressive to see people from different culture have so many things in common. Here, in Greece, we have grown up in Orthodoxy and faith is something we are used to. In other countries, like yours , you have to struggle to discover Orthodoxy and when you believe in God you do it consciously. So your faith is more pure than ours.

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