Busy Bee

I have multiple parallel projects going on. I didn’t even bother to include photos of all of them. The following are the most active projects:

I started the little sweater for my niece-to-be. I think it will turn out well.


I have an order of toy censers to fill for St. Tikhon’s bookstore. With the exception of Sunday I have been making one a day. They will be headed up to PA in time for the annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage.


I listed four more bags this afternoon. Three for little girls and one more adult bag. You can find them in the shop.

Here is fabric ironed and ready to cut out for some book bags, suitable for boys or girls.

Not pictured: I have also started another crocheted cross blanket in white (because I clearly don’t have enough to do) and a granny square blanket in blue, teal, yellow, and white. 

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