In which I find a yarn store

I was tickled pink to realize yesterday that there is a yarn store not five miles from the house. (Father, not so much: “Would you like me to go with you? To hold your purse?”) I was looking for just the right yarn to use with this pattern [Edit: I no longer support Ravelry by linking to them] to make my upcoming niece a sweater. I had my heart set on a champagne pink, but the most important requirements were soft, good stitch definition, wool or wool-blend, and double-knit weight. In the end I got this gorgeous blue-green (the photos don’t do it justice). I love the color and it meets all the other requirements.

I took Flopsy and Moppet with me (the two who wanted to go) and they enjoyed it. Moppet got fixated on a hand-felted sheep, an art piece, not a toy, which was $45. Uh uh. I told her I could knit her a stuffed sheep. When picking out the yarn at first she wanted blue, then yellow. She was very pleased with her selection (I steered her away from the $27 skeins.) So now to hunt for a sheep pattern.

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