Argyle Blanket

I just finished this looooong project and put it in the shop. Here’s the description:

“When you purchase this baby blanket, you are truly purchasing a one-of-a-kind item. The technique used to produce the argyle pattern out of regular variegated yarn is called “color pooling,” and it can be quite fiddly. Most color-pooled items are made from yarn having a fairly limited sequence of color changes: five, perhaps. This yarn had a color sequence of ten: pink-orange-yellow-orange-pink-blue-purple-white-purple-blue. In addition, the vast majority of color-pooled products are the width of one color sequence, in other words: scarves. To achieve the width of a baby blanket without resorting to sewn-together strips, I designed it to be four entire sequences across. Since the slightest shift, just one or two stitches, will result in the destruction of the pattern, great care had to be taken at all times, and many rows had to be unraveled and reworked. This blanket took probably three or four times as long to make as any other blanket I have made. I won’t be making another one in the foreseeable future.

All of that being said, the result is glorious! The colors are vibrant without being distracting and are quite gender-neutral. The yarn is very soft acrylic and is machine washable and dryable. I crocheted it using small stitches so the end product is a dense weave, good for newborns who can get their tiny fingers and toes caught in a loose weave. If you’re looking for a baby gift that will stand out, you’ve found it.”

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