Some fresh air

I’m at home with four children too sick to take to church. The three children who got sick first, and hence are mostly recovered, are at Liturgy.

It’s such a beautiful day it’s almost painful, if that makes sense. It brings to mind so many other exquisite days. The sky is a brilliant blue, the humidity is low, the temperature is perfect (66 at the moment), and there’s a delightful breeze out of the north. With all of the trees fully leaved there’s a constant motion of sun and shadow. I have windows open to pull in some fresh air and flush the germs out. 

Mittens just went down for a much-needed nap and I’m sitting on the floor by her bed, watching her sleep and watching the tossing of the crepe myrtle branches outside the window. Perhaps when she wakes up she and Moppet can have a little egg hunt in the yard.

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