Bright Monday

Christ is risen!

I started the process of restoring order to the house yesterday. Every year I run a pretty tight ship up until Holy Friday and then things start to accumulate. By Pascha afternoon it looks like the kids version of a frat house. I simply can’t function in such an environment. So exhausted as I was yesterday, I got the kitchen in order and made a beginning on some other areas.

Today I have laundry going (why does Pascha mean “throw your socks just anywhere, in any room” to kids??) and the kitchen was put to rights quickly.

The fact that most of our children are sick (Pickles appeared to be getting sick yesterday, but he says he feels fine today) is adding a level of difficulty to everything. The last few church services were… interesting. At least Mittens didn’t get sick until yesterday. 

I missed Agape Vespers as a result and so didn’t get to experience a service in the lovely (unfinished) church one of our parishioners built on his property. I can share a few photos taken by another couple of parishioners (thanks for taking these, Katherine and Aurthur!) and I was told the acoustics did nice things to the sound of our choir.

In between times today I’m going to work on some more censers. I have requests for three and I suspect as I list additional ones they will be purchased. I have been trying to make progress on that color-pooled baby blanket I started ages ago. It will be finished. Eventually.

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