Holy Saturday: Liturgy

The little girls were intrigued by the font set up for a baptism.

She couldn’t reach the water, thank heavens.

Bunny 🙂

Reading the 15 Old Testament readings.

The few minutes of calm.

Reader Mark and one of his daughters

Liturgy was, from my point of view, rough. Moppet was reasonably well-behaved but Mittens had reached her limit. I spent the majority of it outside or in the narthex. It’s hard to be so little and at church every day for eight (nine today) days in a row. 

Since we’ve had a respiratory virus visiting I had left the two sickest children home to recuperate. I was hoping they would be able to go to Pascha that night. Ribby was sick but not dreadfully so she wanted to go to Liturgy. 

I did manage to do two Old Testament readings early on before things started to fall apart. In the end, I had Ribby take Moppet to communion while I stood in the narthex with a crying Mittens. Immediately afterward I packed those three up and drove them home. 

I myself turned around and drove back to church for a baptism (post later).

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