Holy Thursday 

We usually decorate for Pascha by Holy Thursday. I would prefer to do it Holy Saturday but there’s never enough time for anything but the essentials beginning with Holy Friday.

We have accumulated various decorations over the years, both gifts and handmade. I let Moppet help decorate the table, using the mostly unbreakable things. More fragile items were placed out of reach on the china hutch. Mittens tried to help but was prevented.

In lieu of doing pysanky this year (I just don’t have the energy or patience to try to keep the little ones out of it) we used crayons and colored pencils to decorate molded paper eggs. These were added to the collection. Even Mittens scribbled on an egg.

The service of the 12 Passion Gospels is tonight, always a challenge with children because of the length (2 1/2 to 3 hours). I admit I dread it every year. We’ll see how far into it we get before I have to take the youngest ones home. This will include Flopsy because she’s sick with a bad cold. Please say a prayer for her recovery because she’s miserable and also the choir’s lead soprano.

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