Holy Tuesday 

Holy Tuesday was…

Driving a total of 70 miles in pouring rain, having soaked feet and dashed hopes, fasting more than originally intended, humiliation in fitting rooms, exhaustion, never ending laundry, no time to knit, too few items checked off the list, a sick daughter (who is also the church choir’s lead soprano), increasingly dire world events, and wrangling two littles in church for the sixth service in a row.

But, Holy Tuesday was also…

Patient older children, a comforting and loving husband, the miracle of finding a pair of shoes to fit the impossible-to-fit child, making a skirt that (glory to God) fit a different child, the end of the rain before Bridegroom Matins, an amazing attendance for a relatively little-attended service, seeing the toddler do a prostration with the rest of us, the laundry done and put away, and a late supper.

May God continue to strengthen us  during this Holy Week!

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