Lazarus Saturday 

And so ends the 40 day fast. Holy Week begins tomorrow with the entry of Christ into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). Today is a space, almost outside of time. The gates of Hades developed cracks when Christ called Lazarus from the dead. His voice was heard in Hades, a foreshadowing of the Resurrection to come. Lazarus Saturday has felt differently since I stood in front of the grave of my son, Innocent. We buried him the Wednesday preceding so he too had been “four days in the tomb” that Saturday. I wrote about it at the time.

Preparations for Holy Week and Pasch have moved into high gear. After Liturgy this morning the girls put together bunches of palms and palm crosses while the church was decorated. I took the little ones outside to pick some early blackberries. Now, prosphora is rising, green dresses have been ironed, and in a few hours we will return to the church.

May God grant us all a blessed Holy Week, and peace to the world.

Nothing to do with Holy Week; fabric for a shoulder bag I’m making.

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