Our last Presanctified Liturgy for this year is this evening. Bread for antidoron and to have at the potluck supper afterward is cooling downstairs. A coconut cream pie is chilling in the fridge.

My sewing area has been partly resurrected in a corner of our room. I gave up the prior space to provide more bedroom space, and most of my things were in boxes stacked in the corner. A bookcase and table purchased yesterday started to tidy the place up, although I need a second set of shelves. I’m holding out for black. 

It’s good to have my sewing machine available again. This morning I made a toddler bed flat sheet and two mini pillowcases in anticipation of Mittens’ big girl bed due to arrive Friday. Since today was laundry day they’ve already been washed and are ready to go. 

I have several canvas pieces and other heavyweight fabric cuts matched and stacked on my sewing table to work on later. It’s time to put some more bags in the shop! Plus, I find I need another project bag. I refuse to consider the possibility that I need fewer projects rather than more bags. 

Today has been glorious and I feel a little guilty about that given the severe weather most of the rest of the south is experiencing today. All of the windows are open and a lovely breeze is blowing through the house. I will enjoy it while I can, before the oppressive heat of summer arrives and drives us all into air conditioned hibernation.

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