The baptism of George Jacob

On Saturday the child of God, George, was baptized at our parish, St. Cyril of Jerusalem.  Father is the godfather and Fr. Joseph Huneycutt was the presiding priest. My photography skills are lacking and the lighting in the church makes taking photos in focus a particular challenge, but the baptism itself was beautiful. Many thanks to Fr. John Whiteford of St. Jonah Orthodox Church in Spring for the use of their font.

Of course I took photos of Mittens since she was being exceptionally cute (and good!) during the baptism:


The reception afterward was very nice and primarily provided by Maria, George’s mother. I brought some odds and ends and the cake. Duchess made the cake and I made the cream cheese frosting and did the decorating. The baptismal candle was made by the sisters of St. Paraskevi Monastery, the girls made the Jordan almond favors, and I made the icon cards.

Many years to the newly-illumined George and his family!

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