Time out

This is what I’ve been doing lately: making an order of 10 toy censers for St. Tikhon’s. I also made three censers for a few other people. To be honest, I’m about sick of making these! Of course, I usually don’t make so many at once.

Speaking of sick, the youngest two have had colds. Miss Moppet is better but Mittens is still snotty and miserable. Poor baby.

I will catch up here soon!

One thought on “Time out

  1. you make such nice ones! When you have a whole bunch to make, just think of it this way: you are creating a toy that children truly LOVE to play with and that can influence them in their love and service of the church. Seriously. My godmother’s son is a priest and the other son I think is a reader and they both played church when they were kids. You are truly making something of influence and importance! and making a lot of mothers/godmothers/others giddy to give them!!!

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