The third day of Christmas 

Today I will be writing thank you notes and exhorting the children to do the same. The girls don’t have to be reminded, but the boys do. I bought two stacks of notes yesterday, making sure one variety was in no way feminine. 

My other big job today is to pack for Mittens and myself. Tomorrow morning we head to the airport to fly to Florida. We will be visiting family in Apalachicola and will be staying for a few days with my parents in their beach house. Mittens has never been to the beach so this should be interesting. (Not that we’ll be swimming.) I hope I manage to get both of us and our luggage through the airport. I’ve never flown solo with a baby, and, come to think of it, haven’t flown with a baby or toddler. The flight should be the easiest part. Say a prayer for us!

It will be New Year’s when I get home and after that I will reopen Cozy House Curios. I’m sure I will post from Florida, with photos. 

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