Christmas Eve

Summarizing some recent activities:

Today we put together a swing set for the two youngest, a gift from Grandma. It was so humid and hot outside! I think I got sunburned actually. That’s a new one for me: sunburned for Christmas. They’re really happy with it and it is built to LAST.

Thursday evening after we set up the chairs, icon stands, etc. in the church, we drove around looking at Christmas lights again. We went through the most incredible neighborhood. All of the houses cooperate to light everything, including stringing lights over the street. They began in 2000 after one of the residents in the neighborhood, a high school senior, died in a car accident. It is an annual memorial to him. It was hard to capture this on camera, but here’s the general idea:

We have baked pound cake, truffles, koulourakia, and litya bread. One more fasting meal is ahead of us tonight after Vigil (spaghetti) and then The Feast begins! 

Choir practice at 5, Vigil starting at 6, home and into Christmas pajamas (an annual tradition, gifts from my parents). Supper, hang stockings, put presents under the tree (if we do it sooner a certain preschooler will unwrap them because “my birthday, Mommy!”). After the house is quiet I get to put together a tricycle. 😊

A merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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