Today I need to:

  1. Wrap presents 
  2. Figure out menu for Christmas Day
  3. Make grocery list and go to store
  4. Help two daughters make a total of three batches of baked goods for Christmas presents 

Today I would like to:

  1. Sleep until 7:00 (too late)
  2. Enjoy an uninterrupted cup of coffee while gazing out on the dripping backyard 
  3. Finish two sweaters I have on needles while watching documentaries 
  4. Begin an interesting crochet technique with variegated yarn that results in an argyle pattern
  5. Eat meals at the proper times
  6. Shower
  7. Go to bed at 9:00

The result of trying to accomplish list two while doing list one is me sitting on the floor of the game room, cold cup of coffee neglected at my elbow, trying to work on a sweater sleeve with my hands and fend off a yarn-loving toddler with my knees, watching back episodes of Cops on my phone while Looney Toons plays on the DVD player. 

The sweater so far.

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