This past week has been very busy. I have almost not had a moment to call my own. 

Sunday afternoon we decorated our tree. Monday and Tuesday I finished censers and made ornaments for nieces and nephews. Wednesday the last items from the shop went to the post office and I picked up prints of our Christmas photos. I baked that day and Thursday. Friday I baked prosphora, mailed eight boxes to family members and *gasp* made a total of four trips to three different Walmarts. Don’t ask. This is not including the usual laundry, cleaning, etc.

That is all to say I haven’t had time to put up a decent blog post. This weekend we’re delighted to be hosting friends from Louisiana and it’s nice to be able to just stop and enjoy. Next week is going to be like a vacation! The girls are out of school having finished their exams Friday so we’re all going to have a lovely break. Time to relax and prepare for Christmas! Glory to God!

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