Baby quilt

I always hated ironing, still do, really. Partially because I always had to drag the ironing board out of the bathroom and squeeze it into my room or the living room. Now, however, the ironing board is kept in the craft room (and just the fact that we have a craft room still makes me deliriously happy!) This means it’s oh so convenient for ironing fabric before cutting quilt pieces, something I used to be very careless about.

Of course, I have no business starting a quilt, even a baby quilt, when there’s so much else to do, but it’s hard to quell the impulse for long. I have been pulling fabric off the shelves and making groups off and on for a few months. This afternoon, sitting on the floor of the craft room, the babies napping, and a delicious breeze coming through the window, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I made my final decisions, charted out a pattern and calculated measurements, and then I broke out the ironing board and the iron and got to work.

Not all baby quilts need to have ducks and balloons. Some should have rose tea sets, sepia toile, and delicate vine and floral tracery.

Update: the front is pieced and pressed. I’ll make the sandwich tomorrow.

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