Fasting Frozen Strawberry Pie

I’m not the best cook and certainly not the best planner. Example: tonight I had occasion to think, “hey, you can’t really taste the olive oil in the waffles.” The story behind this involves not realizing until the last moment that all of the vegetable oil in the house would be used last night to fry tilapia for the feast. 

However, sometimes simple is your friend, especially during a fast. 

While I was making supper tonight I threw together the ingredients for a fasting frozen strawberry pie. Two ingredients and a graham cracker crust. I’m sure Martha Stewart would do it better, but she doesn’t live here.

Fasting Frozen Strawberry Pie

1 graham cracker crust

1 container whipped dessert topping

1 container frozen sliced strawberries in syrup

Let the strawberries and the whipped topping thaw most of the way. Mix 2/3 of the topping and all of the strawberries with a hand mixer. [You can also whip this together with a whisk or even a fork.] Pour in the crust and top with dollops of the remaining topping. Freeze until firm. Can be kept in freezer or refrigerator afterward. 

This is not organic or dietetic or fancy. If strawberries are in season you can use fresh organic strawberries and organic cane sugar, etc., and really go all out. Instead this is a convenient “pantry dish”: every ingredient can be pulled from your pantry or freezer and tossed together quickly with no measuring. 

And I’m sorry: there are no fancy pictures. Just my phone pointed into the freezer. 

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