Cozy House Curios Holiday Schedule 

It’s less than six weeks until Christmas. Here is this year’s holiday deadline schedule for Cozy House Curios:
Last date to order something that is not ready-to-ship (like a toy censer): Monday, December 12th

Last day to order something ready-to-ship: Thursday, December 15th 

Last shipping date: Friday, December 16th.

There may be exceptions to this schedule and things can be changed based on unforeseen circumstances (all the kids get sick, God forbid).

I encourage you to place orders for censers sooner rather than later. I can generally turn around an order for one censer in 2 days (make it one day; mail it the next), but as multiple orders come in that turn-around time is going to increase.

I’m hoping to squeeze in some more new items in between making censers. This tiny sweater will be listed today:


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