Friday excursion 

We knew the weather would be so much more tolerable today so we planned a little outing for after the girls got home from school. We went to Old Town Spring, parked, and ambled around. One of the shops we had been interested in seeing, the Doll Hospital, was closed (at 3:30 – shoot!), but we had fun looking around at the rest.

Papa and the boys went into The Blue Giraffe and got drinks while I walked the girls to the doll hospital and then back down the street.

[Photo taken just for my one Dutch friend, Elizabeth. 😊]

They persuaded me to stop at a little shop that had puppies. I detest those because I always want to rescue the sad or small ones. Naturally, as well as some larger puppies who were mostly in play pens together, there was the tiniest hound puppy I’ve ever seen, crying and whimpering in an enclosure alone. It was all I could do not to scoop it up and walk out. Sigh. (Note: very nice, kind looking people running the shop and it was very homey.)

We walked around a bit and finally found the quilting shop I had been interested in. Such glorious fabric! In the same building is a Bernina sewing machine shop and quilting classrooms. I inquired after a quilting foot for my machine but I have a Singer and the parts are not interchangeable. The woman was kind enough to show me some different feet and what they were for. I got a list of their classes and the schedule. Perhaps someday I can take one.

From there we caught up with the boys who were examining the old Spring bank. The proprietor came outside and showed us where the bullet holes in the brick were. Pickles was much impressed.

Right across the street there was a shop that sold pirate, Victorian, renaissance, and steampunk clothing and other sundries. Papa stayed outside with Miss Moppet and Ginger and I took the rest in. They had a wonderful time looking around.

We walked back to the van, saying hello to a few cats on the way.

On the way home we stopped at a park as a consolation prize for those not as interested in window-shopping. It had a butterfly garden, a playground, and a pond with a fountain and it is connected to a few other parks by trails. I mostly took pictures of flowers and children and sat while they wandered around. Mittens slept.

It wasn’t too warm, but not especially cool either. I look forward to going back when it cools down!

3 thoughts on “Friday excursion 

  1. oh!! what a fun dutchy place, thanks so much for showing me! Lace! do they have delft too? sigh. wish I could see it with you! 🙂 I got a few little things from Amsterdam that I will blog about after my birthday or Christmas, as we are saving them for presents… 🙂

    and a quilt store. Ohhhh…!!! LOVE… 🙂

    I have a ‘walking foot’ for my singer (I have a newish one, quantum stylist 9960) and it is wonderful for quilting in strait lines. I also have a freehand quilting foot, this one: as the one singer had with my machine was not working (Breaking needles, my quilting friend Nicole said that mine seemed to be ‘machined’ wrong….) and I also have this one that is for more strait sewing with a guild for the 1/4inch seam allowance:

    I really have to get back to sewing. I’ve been so tired from our trip that I am just beginning to catch up with things. I am *this* close to finishing my godson’s quilt!!!

    I loved this blog post; such a nice time and I am so glad you were all able to go on an outing, that’s really great! :))))


    • The sign said they had delft too!

      I will order a few quilting feet online since I’m fond of my old Singer machine. 😊 Now that I have a dedicated space with a door (*happy tears*) I look forward to taking quilting more seriously. I’m waiting to see the quilts you are working on!


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