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It’s September! And that means… more heat. Hahaha. I’m jealous of all of the fall posts I see online from friends in the more privileged temperate climes. We’re still staying indoors a lot to escape the blistering sun, torrid heat, and wilting humidity. Fall will come, yes, but we get our fall closer to Thanksgiving. Here are some things I’m looking forward to doing when the great outdoors less resembles the surface of the sun:

Old Town Spring

(all photos from the Old Town Spring website)

I’ve driven through this a few times on the way somewhere else and it’s enchanting! It’s the genuine old downtown of Spring, TX and the houses have been converted to myriad shops and cafes. One of the more interesting (to me) places:

Cupcake Fabrics & Quilts

I want to wander in, look at the quilting fabrics, inquire about getting the proper machine quilting implements for my sewing machine, and get inspired!

Mercer Botanical Gardens and Arboretum

(All photos from the Mercer Arboretum website)

(From their website:)

The arboretum and botanic gardens are divided by Aldine Westfield Road. On the east side is the botanic gardens where over 20 acres of beautifully maintained gardens feature bamboo, color displays, daylilies, endangered species, ferns, gingers, herbs, tropicals, to name a few. The east side also has an extensive walking trail system, a Remembrance Walk for memorials and honorariums, ponds, a visitors’ center, courtyard plaza, plus much more. 

The arboretum on the west side of Aldine Westfield features two playgrounds, a picnic area nestled in a woodland setting with 58 picnic tables, two barbecue pavilions, hickory bog, boardwalk, cypress swamp, maple collection and several miles of walking trails that wind through beautifully preserved woodlands.

Mercer employs a team of experienced botanists, horticulturists, and gardeners who offer a wealth of knowledge and information, and will gladly assist you in anyway they can during your visit.

And it’s all free! 🙂

I intended for this to be a longer post, but I have spent so much time lingering over the local events (the free fall concert series in The Woodlands, etc.) that I have run out of time. Laundry calls! Have a great Labor Day!

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