‘School has started’ and other updates

Monday we went with Duchess and Flopsy to register them for school. I will spare you the gory details and just sum up by saying we were there six hours (and had Mittens with us, thankfully not Miss Moppet!!) without food or drink. In the end, they are both, thankfully, enrolled in the ninth grade with 1200 other ninth graders (!) and started school yesterday. They have block scheduling so their eight classes are divided between two days. Today was another “first day” because of that. This afternoon we head to the store to get school supplies. *girds up loins*

Homeschool for Ribby, Ginger and Pickles will commence around the beginning of September. I’m going through their previous work and designing the curriculum for the coming year. Because Ginger will almost certainly enter ninth grade at the same school next year, I will be keeping that in mind when working with him this year. He’s already on track to be prepared for it, so that’s convenient. Ribby is entering her senior year and we will probably make it a 1.5 – 2 year process, integrating some classes at the local community college during the second year. There is a local Shakespeare festival (two plays every summer – free admission!) so we are going to try to work in one of them as soon as I know what they’re producing the summer of 2017. (We’re doing Shakespeare anyway, but the traditional reward for working on the “boring” parts is to get to see a play!) She takes the ACT for the first time in a couple weeks.

Miss Moppet has somehow learned her colors, most of her shapes, and can count to 20 just by getting up every morning and breathing in and out. This is usually the best way. I might let her have some fun putting objects in different categories this year and letting her continue to color, etc. She loves to sing (reminds me of Herbert in Monty Python’s Holy Grail) and her favorite song is Jingle Bells. Regardless of season. Her repertoire is expanding and will will be adding more as time goes on. She will also get a tricycle for either her third birthday or for Christmas (I’m voting for birthday). We have sidewalks and a park with a sidewalk all through it now. It’s a perfect place for her to ride. Come on, fall!! 🙂

Mittens is trying VERY hard to crawl. She can get on her hands and knees and rock a bit. She creeps reasonably well when trying to get something she wants. We’ve introduced mashed banana and apple which she received dubiously. She favors tastes of ice cream and watermelon instead (no, it wasn’t me). No teeth have made an appearance, but she’s practicing her piranha skills wherever she can.

Not that they’re in school, but since I’m doing updates, I’ll mention the cats. Genevieve found a new home with friends back in McComb. She seems to be very happy prowling around their jungly backyard and has already chased off all of the strays. We brought Indy and Smokey with us, but Smokey disappeared the day after we arrived. I have posted notices online in several places including several online neighborhood groups. There have been a few sightings reported but nothing has panned out. I hope he has found a family he is happy with. Indiana is still with us and has decided to be an exclusively indoor cat. He is happy being an only-cat for now, and has renounced his wandering ways. We’re grateful to still have one furry member of the family.

We’re getting into the swing of things at church. The past few weeks have been spotty because so many people were taking advantage of the last weeks of vacation to go out of town, but now that school is back in session the ranks have swelled a bit. I’m on the prosphora schedule and the boys are serving in the altar. The girls and I are singing with the choir here and there, getting used to some new music. We’re enjoying getting to know people and are looking forward to the next several months.

Blessing of students before the new school year

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