Getting Settled

We’re moved! It’s been a complicated and busy process, but we’re more or less settled (a little less, but you know how it goes). Since I’m finally getting my head on straight I figured an updated blog post was looong past due.

Saying Goodbye

Our last Liturgy at Christ the Saviour was July 31st. The choir sang several pieces they had been working on for weeks and they did a beautiful job. At the end of Liturgy the parish council presented an icon of St. Benedict to Father, hand-written by Cheryl Pituch. It’s gorgeous. We were very touched. After coffee hour Father did a blessing for all the children (and teachers) before starting the new school year.

The presentation of a “special award”, hahahaha. (c;

Monday, we said our goodbyes to a different group:


We packed the truck on August 2nd and drove that evening to the home of parishioners and friends. Unexpectedly, they served a bang-up dinner that night and breakfast the next morning to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary! It was very sweet since we hadn’t celebrated, being busy carting things out to the truck. We are forever grateful to the friends who showed up in the extreme heat and humidity to help out that day.

A little of what it looked like in the days before we moved.

Putting the car on the trailer.

Two cats in carriers, and a baby in a car seat. Exactly how we moved to PA exactly 17 years before.

Not. Happy.

Almost gone…

Heading out.

The next day we drove to Texas, arriving early that evening. Some parishioners assisted us in unloading 2/3 of the truck that night. The next day we unloaded the rest and returned the truck and trailer.

The Pituchs didn’t want us to leave!

We drove through areas that only a week later would be inundated with flood waters.

Arriving in TX!

Getting Settled

I don’t have many photos of the house because I figured I’d just go around and take photos when it was all unpacked and settled. Here are a few photos taken around the house:

The view of Father’s office from my chair.

Craft room shelves. We need more shelves.

We have a nice view of storms coming in from the southwest.
For the past six days, this view hasn’t changed much.

The game room is quite roomy and the little girls have enjoyed having the tent up.

Local Exploring

The week after we arrived we made a trip out to St. Paraskevi Orthodox Monastery (Greek). We stayed for Vespers and Paraklesis. The nuns were very kind and hospitable, and they have clearly worked very hard on the grounds and buildings.

The refectory in progress…

This past Monday we headed to the mall in The Woodlands, just up the interstate. The boys wanted to see the Lego Store. Amusingly, Godiva was located immediately across from Lego. I also saw a Build-A-Bear, which will be perfect for Miss Moppet’s third birthday!

That’s about it for now; more posts to come!

10 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. You must be so exhausted. Moving is hard work and I imagine it was difficult to say goodbye to your long-time home and parish. May the Lord give you all strength to navigate this transition.


  2. Welcome to Texas. Greetings From San Antonio,Texas. Eva Alvarez Im not computer savvy. So i wasn't sure how to add my comment. Without it being anonymous.


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