Review: The Road to Golgotha

I was thrilled when Kh. Christine Rogers contacted me and asked if I would review her new book, The Road to Golgotha. It sounded like something I would enjoy even before I set eyes on it. I wasn’t wrong.

We are all familiar with the Holy Week narrative, the events leading up to Pascha. For those of us who are adults we have heard those readings from the Gospels enough times that we can practically recite along mentally with the priest. But imagine if you had never heard any of it before. Imagine if you were one of the hundreds and thousands of people who were “accidental witnesses” to those events. In The Road to Golgotha you journey through the week through the eyes of the unmentioned witnesses.

This is an extremely well-written book. The narrative sticks unfailingly to the Gospel and the Holy Tradition (including hymnography) of the Church. I literally could not put it down once I started it. In fact, once I finished, I decided that before I put up a review of my own, I would have my older four children read it and review it as well (yay, homeschool!). Some were more skeptical than others, not liking “assigned reading”, but every one of them was very enthusiastic upon finishing. Here are their reviews (not edited by me).

Daughter, 17:

This will change your perspective of Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha. It’s not like a mountain, with the climax at the top; the story keeps going up and up. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who love history in the form of stories about minor characters. Everyone should have this!

Daughter, 15:

The Road to Golgotha lets you join the crowds listening to Jesus. You view the crucifixion as the Wise Thief. What went on in Hell when our Lord went down to raise the dead? Every young adult, whether born into the faith or just baptized, should read The Road to Golgotha.

Daughter, 14:

I love, love this book and it’s so easy to read! I couldn’t put it down! To read about the days leading up to Pascha through someone else’s perspective makes the Bible stories we all know come alive! I totally recommend this.

Son, 12:

Definitely worth reading! Reading this will probably make you wonder where the author got the inspiration. Unfortunately I can’t give this a perfect rating because I found a disturbing word on page 64* and because it took a while to figure out that the demon guard (in a later section of the book) was actually a demon. However, the book was hard to put down and everything else was perfect! I would give the overall rating for this book 19 stars out of 20.

[*I couldn’t imagine what he was referring to so I checked: he was referring to the description of those in Hades as “the damned”. We will discuss the nuances of this word. 😉 ]

 So there you have it: enjoyable for young and old! I highly recommend purchasing this book to have in your family (or for your church school!) before next Lent. (Note: this is also available in a Kindle edition.) I’m hoping Kh. Christine will go on to publish more books!

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