A Little Bright Week Excursion

 This morning we headed down to New Orleans! 
It’s only been six years, but we thought we should probably get back down there before it gets hot.

Some of us were more excited than others:

Librairie Bookshop. 
This is why I went to the French Quarter.

I didn’t get anything from this category, but I thought the label was funny. (c;

Below is the name of the person who built the building the bookshop is in. He was an Italian physician who treated the Pirate Lafitte and his men. In turn, Lafitte said he could have anything his heart desired. What it desired was a lovely widow so he asked Lafitte for safe passage to see the widow. He got it. They married and he built the building in 1835. He set up shop as a physician and they lived in the apartment overhead.

Information courtesy of the woman working at the bookstore who is also a 40-year resident of the French Quarter.

Me and the babies. 🙂

The classic architecture.

We stopped in Le Croissant d’Or

It was good to sit down for a moment. This was the view from my seat:

Miss Moppet was fascinated by the confectionery mice. 
(She ate half of my chocolate croissant instead.)

The Steamboat Natchez docked as we were walking in that direction. 
We got a good view of the pistons driving the paddlewheel. It was fascinating.

It was glorious weather for a little excursion! I wish I had thought to get photos inside the Louisiana Loom Works we went into that, despite its small size, houses three working looms and nine cats. I would LOVE to have a large woven rug made by them!

11 thoughts on “A Little Bright Week Excursion

  1. I stop at that same bookshop everytime we go to New Orleans! I always buy at least one French book. FYI, we'll be down in July and the kids are asking to stop by your place!


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