How (not) to Knit

  1. Finish morning chores.
  2. Sit down with a cup of coffee, sigh happily, and pick up, no, NOT your knitting, but the baby, who is hungry. Nurse the baby.
  3. While nursing baby check the sixth grader’s grammar.
  4. Put down the sleeping baby. Pick up your knitting. Take a sip of lukewarm coffee.
  5. Put down your knitting .06 seconds later when your third grader asks for help with math.
  6. Spend the next 30 minutes taking slow, deep breaths and pulling your hair out.
  7. Don’t reach for your knitting because your two-year-old has just collapsed in your lap in tears.
  8. When toddler is calm, take a sip of cold coffee and head to the kitchen to make bread for Presanctified Liturgy which your husband just reminded you about.
  9. Put bread in oven to rise, clean up kitchen, refresh your coffee, and return to living room.
  10. Do not pick up knitting at this point. Instead, pick up your baby who is hungry again. Nurse the baby.
  11. Change the baby while admonishing your distracted third grader to STOP FOOLING AROUND AND DO HIS MATH!!
  12. Put the happy, clean, and full baby in the bouncy seat. 
  13. Take a sip of lukewarm coffee.
  14. Look at your knitting.
  15. Write blog post.

5 thoughts on “How (not) to Knit

  1. I am amazed that you knit such beautiful things with your kids around. I cant do any knitting or sewing until everyone is in bed. too easy to drop stitches or lose my place or lose a sewing needle.


  2. Sorry for laughing, but it's so true. We can make so many plans,but we have no control over 99.9999% of what comes at us. All we can do sometimes is take a big breath and try to go with the flow as we pray “Lord, have mercy” Hope the hair grows back in quickly, maybe you can use what you pulled out as part of a new wool blend. In Victorian times, crafts using hair were popular (but kinda creep me out).


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