Mittens, Socks, and Little Hats (among other things)

I finally decided on a screen name for the baby: Mittens (sister to Miss Moppet). (c:  

 Mittens is three weeks old today! She’s having longer waking periods and the children continue to enjoy her immensely. She’s still a little peanut and she’s going to look quite small at her baptism! Speaking of which, it will be on February 20th at 4 PM, for those who can come. I have a lot to do to get ready in the next week.

We celebrated Flopsy’s birthday on the 6th. She wanted cheesecake so all I had to do was put candles in them. We decorated in a slightly more elegant manner this time. She loves all things French and got several books to help inspire her dollhouse decorating. I’ll have to do a separate post on her miniatures and dollhouses. They’re quite extraordinary.

I’ve kept to the house for the most part so it was a pleasure to have a few friends drop by last Sunday after church!

Ribby is a much more adventurous knitter than am I and has made her first pair of full-size socks for herself. I think they turned out quite well! She had asked for sock yarn for Christmas and got a LOT.

(And another gratuitous photo of Mittens:)

 I have spent a lot of time resting and recovering from surgery this time around. One of the things I have done to keep occupied is making tiny hats to send to my friend Michelle at Common Care. I have a batch of thirty ready to mail today. There are many requests for very small hats so I concentrated on making those.

I’m trying to get back in the swing of blogging now that I can sit comfortably at the desk!

5 thoughts on “Mittens, Socks, and Little Hats (among other things)

  1. Lol…I was going to suggest Mittens when you announced her name and arrival, but didn't 'cuz I wasn't sure that was the place to. Funny you picked it anyway (btw, I suggested Moppet last time!)



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