As promised, finally a blog post!

miniature yarn skeins

Things have been the usual busy around here. I’ve made quite a number of toy censers, among other things. It still amazes me to see them listed for sale at St. Tikhon’s! I’m finally able to start working on family projects which is a relief. I haven’t made one single thing for the baby yet, but that is on my list as soon as Christmas presents are done.

Christmas wreath earrings

Speaking of which, there’s not much time left. I’m 33 weeks this week – only six weeks left until delivery. Six weeks is sounding like a very short time! When I get boxes of Christmas things out of the attic (today or tomorrow) I’m going to get down boxes of baby things too. I gave away so many things after Catherine outgrew them that I’m not entirely sure what I have.

Today is cloudy and cool Certainly not cold, especially for December. It’s supposed to be in the upper 70’s today and tomorrow with thunderstorms on Sunday. I put a coat on a week or so ago, but haven’t worn it since. We keep seeing notices that the overall forecast for the southeast is for a colder winter than usual, but I haven’t seen any signs of it yet. Of course, technically it’s not winter yet.

Miss Moppet in fedora

The Christmas decorations around the house will be a bit lopsided. We’re definitely doing the “there’s a two-year-old in the house” look. It was decided that we will put the tree on the floor this year (last year it was table-top) but leave off all breakable ornaments. The ones within a small one’s reach will be fabric and wood. At least I think she won’t try to eat the lights. I think. I’m not sure what to do about stockings since we have weighted hangers for them that we put on the mantle. Unless we want a trip to the emergency room we can’t put them out until just before bed on Christmas Eve. Ah well – small price to pay!

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