Recent goings on

This past week has been mostly about finishing up projects and orders and trying to sneak in a few other things I needed wanted to do.

Last week I got an order from St. Tikhon’s Monastery/Seminary Bookstore for some toy censers! I mailed them five on Monday: 1 with bells on the outside, 1 with bells on the inside, and 3 without bells. People who visit the monastery should be able to buy toy censers right in the bookstore soon! Very exciting. 🙂

I wanted to make some more tiny hats to send to my friend Michelle at Common Care for her to distribute to grieving families. I mailed these on Demetrius’s first birthday. May his memory be eternal!

One of my current charity projects is knitting eight inch squares to be made into blankets to help refugees from Syria (and other war-torn areas). The link to the page is here. I only have six so far, but they’re very fluffy! They can’t accept any more squares until the second week in November so I have a little time to make a few more.

Miss Moppet’s second birthday is coming up this week and I decided to make her some doll clothes that she has a chance of being able to put on and take off herself. These are extremely simple. I got the idea from a friend’s blog here. The set on the left is larger to fit her two larger dolls and the one on the right is smaller to fit the two smaller dolls. I’ll probably knit a couple hats to go with them.

The latest offering in the shop is this reversible, cotton canvas tote bag. I enjoyed my new knitting bag so much I decided to make something similar for the shop. This one has a button tab (also reversible) to close the top if desired. I think eventually I’ll make some zip-top bags but only after I have a source for reversible zippers. I like the reversible aspect and the method of construction means there are absolutely no raw seams exposed! 

Father has been at a deanery meeting for the last few days in Shreveport. While there, the priests visited an art gallery and museum and saw a 15th century Book of Hours they have in their collection. The origin of this rare book is quite mysterious: it was found inside a cigar box in the basement. Period. No other clues! 

One of the guides at the museum showed it to the priests of the deanery and admitted she didn’t know what it was other than “a prayer book”. Father explained what the Book of Hours is and translated some of it for her. She was delighted, to say the least. 🙂

Next up (along with the usual business): making a baby quilt to auction to help a friend with medical expenses.

4 thoughts on “Recent goings on

  1. Matushka, you're work is so beautiful! I'm so happy St. Tikhon's is stocking your toy censer. You really have a gift and I think it's wonderful you're able to disperse your “talent” and gain interest! Thanks for capturing your work in photos… I love the tote bag!


  2. So inspired by all your tiny hats! I also love the doll clothes and the beautiful colors/patterns/button on the tote bag, especially in the dappled sunlight. And what great photos of Fr. translating!


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