Yarn Along: Multiple Unfinished Projects and Books

Newborn Baby Boy Sweater Set
[Edit: I no longer support Ravelry by linking to them]
The sweater (just a simple, garter stitch, top-down cardigan) was fine, but the hat (seen in progress, knitted flat) is looking way too big. I’m going to frog it and start over today. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. A set of booties will also be included. I’ll put this in the shop when it’s complete.




Fall Lace Scarf
This scarf is destined for the shop as well. A fellow parishioner gifted this yarn as well as a lot more (thank you!!) and I saw this colorway and thought FALL.




Patchwork Baby Blanket
This is “join as you go” although I’m still going to have a lot of ends to weave in. Ah well! It’s going to be a gift for baby Irene. I hope I’ll finish it in time for her baptism in October.



This book, A Gift for Matthew by Nick Muzekari,  just arrived in the mail from Ancient Faith two days ago. I read it immediately and loved it! It’s an advance review copy but it’s available to purchase now. I’m going to dedicate a post to a thorough review but I want to read it with the kids first (the real experts). Hopefully to be posted later today!


And my most recent bedtime reading: The Proving Ground by G. Bruce Knecht, about the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. They ran into quite the storm in the Bass Strait and six sailors died. Rather reminiscent of the 1979 Fastnet Race. I have another book (Fatal Storm) about this same race and it’s interesting to see some slightly different points of view.


What are you reading and creating?


8 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Multiple Unfinished Projects and Books

  1. All of your things look really wonderful. I do love the colors in that yarn you're making the scarf with. Watching the changes in color must make that a really fun yarn to knit with. And the baby things you're working on are so sweet. Everything is lovely.


  2. Thanks, Becki! After the last scarf I made I swore I'd never do another because it's mind-bogglingly boring. However, I decided the changing colors in the yarn would counterbalance it this time. 🙂


  3. Ha! See, a scarf is just my speed because I knit so I dont have to think, i can just knit. Anything too complicated involves more brain bandwidth than I have to give. 🙂
    Love the fall scarf


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