Love-Affair with Wool

 Every time I start knitting with superwash wool (machine-washable), I wonder why I knit with anything else. It’s soft, springy, has that indefinable “wool” feel, and comes in a zillion colors.

Last night I started on this baby sweater:

Pictured below: Filatura Lanarota “Washable Merino”* wool in natural, Elegant Yarns “Heavenly” washable merino in Bamboo Green, and Knit Picks “Swish” in Lost Lake Heather. [Swish is my new “go-to” washable wool yarn, available from Knit Picks.]

*Sadly discontinued. You can’t even find it on Ebay now. I’ve jealously guarded my last two skeins!

4 thoughts on “Love-Affair with Wool

  1. Swish is my absolute favorite yarn right now too! I love the variety, the hand of it, the ease of knitting, and the washability! I also find it to be very wearable in terms of the itch factor.


  2. I really loved the F.L., but it's discontinued (as I noted above) which was heart-breaking. It was the first washable wool I ever worked with and completely changed how I thought about wool. I was disappointed in the Patons Classic Wool Superwash because it felt slightly scratchy. The Swish is much more like the F.L.


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