Bonnets and Another Bear

  I’ve added a few more items to the shop in the last couple days. First, I finally made some reversible fabric bonnets, the pattern copied from a vintage bonnet that has been in our family for a few generations. I believe it came from Germany. The best part of the bonnet is the sides button to the back so you can unbutton it and lay it flat for ironing! No tucks, pleats, gathers or frills to make your life crazy.

  This first one is made from vintage linen damask (an antique tablecloth) and pink cotton gingham. Heavy-duty interfacing is incorporated so it almost stands on its own. The ribbon is in one piece as in traditional baptismal bonnets. 

  Here’s the second bonnet, this one in pink floral fabric and pink and white seersucker. The interfacing is much more lightweight so it doesn’t stand on its own. It’s very girly, but just as practical as the first.

  I knitted this bear out of sock yarn (washable wool in a fine gauge) mostly as an experiment. I followed the same pattern I’ve sued for the other bears but I knew it would result in a smaller bear because of the finer yarn and smaller needles. It did; he’s shorter by several inches. But he’s incredibly cute. When he was done I decided to make him a bow tie. Then I decided he needed a sweater vest. Naturally, he needed some wire frame glasses too. I called him Professor Bear.

I still have a few bears to make and two more bonnets cut out and waiting to be sewn. Busy, busy!

3 thoughts on “Bonnets and Another Bear

  1. The bonnets are adorable! Tiri had one lonely bonnet when she was a baby, though I looked for more. Now I have a pattern and if we ever have another little girl she's going to be swimming in bonnets!

    I love the bear too, he looks so deliciously wooly and squishy. 🙂


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