Catching up!

 It’s been simply weeks since I posted here – sorry! I hasten to assure you all that we are well and it has only been because of back-to-back trips and general overwhelming business that I haven’t posted.

We had a lovely trip as a family to Pennsylvania. We got to watch the seasons in reverse as it was already summer here when we left. In West Virginia it was beautifully spring:

In Pennsylvania it was still winter (at least to our southern eyes) since there was almost nothing green and it even snowed the day after we arrived!  We took a nifty little outing to the half-ruined lock of an old canal. It felt like walking around castle walls when I was at the base.

This was the scene next to the parking lot of the hotel we stayed at in Virginia. Just gorgeous.

Grandma had robin’s eggs in a nest in a planter by her garage when we left. When we came back, the eggs had hatched and we got to see the baby birds!

The morning after our return I and two of the girls turned back around to Alabama to attend the wedding of family friends. It was beautiful.

I don’t have photographs of everything I made on the trip (one was an impromptu knitted bonnet for Miss Moppet to keep out the cold!) but here are a few things. The tiny layette pictured below is in the shop.

I was hoping this experiment with making beaded crocheted earrings would work. I think it did, and they went to my mother for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day! I might make some more in varying shades and styles for the shop.

So we’re back! I have another bear to make, one to put together and three little bear sweaters to knit, (and one of the ever-popular censers to make) and I’ll be back on track! I hope to get some new things in the shop soon.

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