Holy Wednesday

We are deep in the dramatic roller coaster drop that is Holy Week. I have a master chart with huge squares for each day and a list of things to be accomplished in that day. I keep wandering around distractedly, checking the list and muttering “Ok, ok”, to myself in a would-be reassuring way. To add to the fun, there is a monkey wrench (popularly known as “Miss Moppet”) who inserts herself in every situation. I’m not sure how many hours she cried yesterday, but I wound up holding her a lot.

People reassure me that “everything gets done, don’t stress out.” Of course, that’s not exactly true: everything on my list does not get done, but by the time Pascha finally arrives I’ve stopped caring quite so much. Thank goodness for “I’m-exhausted-and-that’s-good-enough.” You know that little phrase, “the good is the enemy of the best”? Well, that may be true in some contexts, but it’s pure evil here. Don’t feed the perfectionist troll!!

The important thing is Holy Week and Pascha. And not in a culinary-extravaganza-craft-blow-out kind of way. But in a “get yourself and your kids to church, try to keep your patience, take deep breaths, remember what’s important” kind of way. So this is the year you can’t get a Pascha basket together- so what? You didn’t finish embroidering the hat for the baby? Who cares? You can’t dye eggs until Bright Week – great! It’s still Pascha! Forgive yourself for the imagined shortcomings and drop that heavy weight you’ve forced upon yourself. Christ’s yoke is light!

Let us run joyfully to the cross for there we meet our Lord and Savior!

11 thoughts on “Holy Wednesday

  1. YES!!!! Yesterday during my (hopefully!) last trip to the grocery store I went from homemade biscuits and pound cake for Pascha day to frozen biscuits and ice cream. haha Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will still do some traditional Pascha baking, but my standards have dropped dramatically. 🙂 And we did dye eggs on Holy Monday but before I could take pictures the boys started pulling the shells off and breaking apart the eggs. lol Boys!!! 🙂


  2. My “big” trip is tomorrow, but I made sure that I put the actual making of the menu and list on *today's* list. I didn't want to have to use my brain between services tomorrow, lol. And the major cooking will be next week. We're pretty happy to have ham sandwiches on Pascha!


  3. 🙂 We will have a very simple menu on Pascha as well- just ham and biscuits. But we are doing some cooking for the feast after church Sunday morning when every person/family/table brings their own food. We'll see how it goes!!


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