10 thoughts on “Miss Moppet in Church

  1. Miss Moppet is too adorable!

    Can I ask a question? Have you ever dealt with a toddler refusing communion? My daughter will be 14 months tomorrow and the last two Sundays she has screamed, grabbed for the spoon, stuck out her tongue, the whole bit. Her godparents have been bringing her up each week since her baptism. They're parents of five who are well past toddlerhood and I trust they are doing everything possible and everything right! We agreed that I will give it a try next week. Ideas? (I suppose you have the benefit of Papa behind the spoon!)


  2. Hm. I may have had personal experience but just don't remember, the other children being so much older now. I think you taking her up will be a good thing to try next. Also, could you ask the priest to give her just a drop of the blood instead of the body as well? Even if it just wets her tongue she has communed. Also, you may want to resume holding her with her arms crossed in front of her (your arm/hand across them) to keep her from grabbing at the spoon. I haven't yet tried to take Miss Moppet to communion without holding onto her hands yet for that reason (and she's almost 17 months). Just be patient. If she's pitching a huge fit as she nears the chalice, just give it a miss. Better not to force it as she'll remember and it will create bad associations. Likely this is just a passing stage. 🙂


  3. It's sooo sweet to see toddlers veneration icons. At my church in Ottawa (this was in the old Westboro location, Elizabeth), we were renting space in an Anglican church and we didn't have proper icon stands, but used the prie-Dieu (kneeler) for the icons. It was the perfect size for the kids, they could step up and reach the icons without help. One year for the Sunday of the Myrrh bearers, I had placed roses next to the icon of the Myrrh bearing Women. Little Abel, of all 2-3 years old at the time, marches up, venerates the icon, and since it was on the icon stand, venerates the bouquet of flowers. Matushka and I were quite amused. It remains a fond memory to this day. I think every parish should have a child – sized analogion with an icon of Christ blessing the children.


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