Yarn Along: Pink Scarf and After the Storm

I started this lacy scarf as a commission from my mom for a friend of hers. It’s turning out quite nicely! I’m not going to make the loop that the pattern calls for, but just continue the pattern to make a long scarf.


I can’t seem to get the pink of the yarn to show up correctly on the computer screen, but it’s reasonably close. I would have preferred something a little lighter, but the lightest I could get was this Bernat Softee Baby in Pink (very original name), Walmart having a so-so selection.

For bedtime reading I’ve been rereading After the Storm: True Stories of Disaster and Recovery at Sea by John Rousmaniere. He also wrote Fastnet: Force 10 about the 1979 Fastnet Race disaster. While the latter book is more about seamanship and a particular storm, After the Storm is much more analytical and literary in nature, exploring the emotional and psychological reactions to calamity in addition to the seamanship. There is even a section on the prophet Jonah and St. Paul’s shipwreck, but I wouldn’t recommend that so much. The interpretation (beyond just an analysis of the storms and seamen’s actions) is heavily protestant and rather annoying.


What are you reading and creating?

12 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Pink Scarf and After the Storm

  1. Thanks! I like the pattern too. I read a comment someone made on Ravelry about this pattern that they memorized it quickly (it's a four row repeat) and that made it tedious. :O I haven't memorized it yet and I'm quite a few repeats in! I do like it anyway. It's nice from both sides (some scarf patterns aren't). Thanks for commenting!


  2. You have a lovely blog, and a beautiful pink scarf! We have four pet sheep, and bags of wool…and would you believe, I don't know how to knit…or crochet! I hang my head in shame. But…I'm an avid stitcher, and I'm currently working on my own design of a St Patrick's Day sheep (modeled after our own Doodle Lamb), and I'm reading The Ancient Path, by Fr Spyridon Bailey. Thank you for your inspiration! Hope you are having a blessed Lent.


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