Glorious Day

Can I just say how absolutely gorgeous it is outside right now? It is! It’s sunny, 64, low humidity and breezy with wind gusts. I just finished hanging a load of clothes on the line. (Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but we’ve had illness in the house and  big family + illness = laundry.)

It’s like this: 

Except I don’t have short blond hair, I’m dressed rather less nicely and instead of a flowery meadow, there’s a somewhat muddy back yard. Oh, and I’m not in the Swiss Alps.
And there’s none of this going on:

So, I guess that’s not a good comparison at all. But it still feels great!

5 thoughts on “Glorious Day

  1. As someone living much further north than you, thanks for rubbing it in! It's 35 degrees (aka 2 degrees Canadian, and yes, rest of Canada, I know you've got colder temperatures than that), and compared with the frigid temperatures we've had lately, this is tropical! Oh, they're calling for a foot of snow on Tuesday.

    This is why I've asked my priest to tweak the litanies when we pray for “seasonable” weather. Seasonable means appropriate to the season, and living in Canada in winter, that's the last thing I want! I want us to ask for 15-20 degree Celsius (that's very comfortable in Fahrenheit) weather, sunny all day, with rainfall only falling between the hours of midnight and 6 am. So far, my priest isn't listening…sigh….


  2. Haha, we have to take our nice weather when we can get it! This is the only time of year we can stay outside indefinitely without dying of heatstroke. And the no rain, dry air is a definite rarity too!


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