Some items coming down the pipe…

 I just finished this set today:  (more photos on the shop listing)

It’s crocheted using bamboo thread and is SO soft and drapes so well! 

This hat isn’t in the shop yet, but will be soon. It’s size newborn to 3 months (approximately) and I don’t have one of those little models around. So I’m going to make one in Miss Moppet’s size and photograph her in it. Then I’ll offer them both in the shop.

(I know that last photo is slightly blurry. I take the photos outside and right now it’s cloudy, damp, breezy and only 39 degrees. My hands were starting to shake and it was hard to hold the camera still!)

2 thoughts on “Some items coming down the pipe…

  1. That hat is the cutest! It looks like the hats nisser (Scandinavian forest-dwelling elves) wear. Just adorable. 🙂

    — Valja in Scandinavia


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