Yarn Along: Baby Lamb

This week I made an adorable baby lamb outfit consisting of bonnet, diaper cover and booties. Miss Moppet is only modeling the (too small for her) hat because there’s no way she’d fit into the other items – they’re sized newborn to six months! It’s for sale in my Etsy shop, Cozy House Curios.

I’ve been rereading Storm Warning: The Story of a Killer Tornado about the 1999 Bridge Creek-Moore tornado in Oklahoma. This is the tornado in which the highest winds ever recorded (302 mph) were measured. Sometimes there are storms in which your best hope (and sometimes only hope) of survival is to be underground.

I found this episode of Paramedics on Youtube. The people filming the show happened to pick an emergency medical service in Oklahoma City the day of the tornado. The video they shot is… gripping. It has done more than anything I’ve ever read or seen to convey the controlled panic of the immediate aftermath of the tornado. As someone with a medical background, my heart was in my throat and I felt as if I were working alongside the lone paramedic trying to triage and treat in the hardest-hit Bridge Creek community. If you’re at all faint of heart, I suggest you not watch this.

It’s odd, but I think we’ve had more severe weather this winter than last summer. Strange.

What are you reading and creating?

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