Greek Fest

Our parish’s Greek Fest was today (technically still going on at the time of my writing this) and I think everyone had a great time. We added something new this year: an area of children’s activities such as games and face-painting. The kids definitely approved!


10 thoughts on “Greek Fest

  1. She's standing and cruising along furniture, but hasn't been walking. HOWEVER, less than an hour ago she took four steps toward me!! 😀 I think she'll be crawling for a good while yet although she seems to be trying to walk earlier than the others.


  2. Do you have autumn down there? Everything looks so green!

    How big is your church? From what I can tell, it is lovely and airy. What a perfect day for a festival!


  3. Yes, I know! Still green! We're very close to the tropics here so it doesn't look like “fall” when fall comes. The day of the festival it got up to 84 degrees.

    I don't know how many square feet the church is. It's small by many standards, but it's just right for our size parish. The high ceilings are a bonus though!


  4. Congratulations! It all looks wonderful!!!!! And now I'm craving Greek food! 🙂 Kourabiedes are so amazing and bring back memories- I made roughly 1000 for my wedding reception 10 years ago. haha


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