The joys of homeschooling

There are days when I wish I could send the whole kit and caboodle off to school in the morning and have a (relatively) quiet house. Cleaning the kitchen would mean that it stayed clean, etc. Of course, there’s a lot of time spent simply keeping the baby out of the CPU, the garbage cans, bits of paper on the floor, etc, but when she takes naps there is uninterrupted time to work on projects or cleaning. Some days I feel like I’m going to pull my hair out trying to drag someone kicking and screaming through an unfavorite subject.


I wouldn’t change it. I get to see the lightbulbs come on. Pickles can do his spelling while slouched in an armchair, swinging a balloon. And do it well. He needs freedom to move. Science can be a baby snake found in the yard and the children turned into scientists with magnifying glasses. Duchess can head out on the porch every fine morning with her books and an MP3 player. Ginger chooses to do a lot of his work while lying on the trampoline. Ribby asks the origin of words (“Go look it up.”) and looks them up in the dictionary. She has discovered she loves Jane Austen’s works. Flopsy scurries through her work so she can morph into Martha Stewart in the privacy of her room. Children take time out to help each other with difficult problems. They read a lot. They dress up. They help clean up and play outside. We can get them up late at night to see an eclipse and not worry about having to get up early the next morning. We take trips according to the church year and not the secular school year. They never miss feastday services.

It’s a wonderful life.

12 thoughts on “The joys of homeschooling

  1. What gifts!!!!

    This is my first year and I still just have one in proper school- my oldest is in 2nd grade. I have watched him turn into such an amazing older brother even with the challenges of learning while the 2yr old twins scream. (I have lots of activities for them but sometimes they fight- it happens!) Currently they're all on the front porch listening to Nathaniel read out of their Warrior Saints book about St. George, the saint he chose to be our little school's patron. And it was all his idea!

    Oh- he also likes doing work on the trampoline. 🙂


  2. You are soooo lucky homeschooling is allowed in the US! The secular school has become way too dangerous for children's souls, even in orthodox Greece. And unless your child is seriously ill, you cannot homeschool here…

    Lots of (belated) wishes on your birthday!


  3. Thank you for this timely post, Matushka! I have four boys ages 9, 6, 4, and 1. Lately the days are such a challenge, especially with the toddler climbing over everything and screaming while I'm trying to work with the oldest two. I need the reminder that this is just a season and over all I wouldn't have it any other way.


  4. Totally out of subject: have you seen this?

    I read the comments and I 'm shocked: everybody considered this brave and courageous! I made it to the end of the comment list and there were no more than 5 people who were downright rejective of this idea (two of which mentioned God or their christian faith). A woman even wished the girl “Godspeed on this sad journey”!!! I mean, ok, the western civilization rejects suffering and death, but trusting a doctor's SPECULATION on how long you will live and how bad you 'll hurt is plain stupid, even for an atheist! Lord have mercy…


  5. Yes, I have. Choosing to commit suicide isn't courageous, it's nihilistic. Courageous is shouldering the cross God has given you and carrying it for as long as you have to. I know a family who is coping with this exact diagnosis (diagnosed over a year ago) and he's still doing ok. It's stressful, but they're facing it with courage and faith. As regards the pain as death approaches, I fear the doctor has not educated her patient (or herself) on the marvelous work that hospice does. There is no need to endure horrific suffering. BUT, suffering in humans is redemptive (unlike suffering in animals).


  6. I had read your post on that family – I had them in my prayers.
    So glad to hear your friend is doing ok (no dignity! ts ts ts… 😦 )

    Apparently nobody can make the distinction between humans and animals anymore.
    Have a nice day!


  7. I so agree that homeschooling should be legal everywhere. But sometimes I'm almost relieved it's not an option where I live. I think I could never make it work. I feel so overwhelmed by just handling a baby and the housework, I can't imagine adding more to the mix. On the other hand, I suppose God gives His grace and strength as you need it. But when I think about it, it seems so very hard.


  8. This sounds so wonderful. With so many young children, our days are usually chaotic, noisy and frustrating. Some days go very well and others are horrible. I know that things are more difficult now because Eric is such a needy baby and it will get better, but some days are very discouraging.

    Homeschooling is a blessing and I am SO glad that we are able to do it. I dont' know where our oldest would be without it, but it is hard work, especially with a child with special needs.

    Thanks for sharing your day!


  9. We homeschooled for 11 years and our homeschooling days are over. Our babies are 24 and 23. Our son is 23, graduated from college and works at the University of Maine, about a thousand miles away. Our daughter, who had Down syndrome, has graduated from a certified culinary program from our local vocational school. She is now working. I miss my homeschool days. There were days when I wanted to give up, but there were days when I saw my children bloom! What a blessing we have in homeschooling!


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