Cooler Weather and Wool Projects

Today we finally have truly cooler weather! Hooray! Except for the fact that the lawns are an emerald green and the trees are all fully leafed (and green), it’s almost like fall!

Cooler weather always makes me more enthusiastic about fiber arts. The other day when I was sitting out on the porch carding wool, it was sticky and (although not in the upper 90’s) somewhat warm. Yesterday it was nicer and I managed to finish carding it all!

This morning I wound the yarn off the bobbin that I had been working on and tried spinning some of the new wool. It didn’t go so well. Spinning from rolags means it’s easier to draft, but because I am not an expert carder, all the fibers are not lined up. Plus, I’m still new at this. I’m having major issues getting the yarn to wind on the bobbin. I really could use someone who knows how to spin to look at my spinning wheel and help me troubleshoot it. Ah well…


Also this morning, the temperature was 53 (!!!) and someone actually needed socks for the first time in simply months.

Ravelry link

Of course, she pulled them off directly, so I’m going to be working on some booties that fit her with ties (so they stay on). I pulled out some superwash merino wool that should be easy and practical.

What are you doing today? Any cooler weather activities?

4 thoughts on “Cooler Weather and Wool Projects

  1. how nice… well, one thing at a time about the spinning. It does take time to learn. Any youtube videos or knitting sites for it?? I had a nice cup of hot cocoa today and this past week made GF sour cream apple pie! πŸ™‚ much love to you….


  2. Is cleaning out the garage a cool weather activity? It is something that is much nicer to do when it isnt super hot and when it isnt super cold. And it is getting me ready for winter, hoping to park my car in there this year. πŸ™‚


  3. Yes, several videos, but part of the problem is figuring out exactly what to do with my exact spinning wheel. The cord that goes over the spindle to act as a brake was missing so I've tried making one myself but it slips off and I don't know that I have the tension adjusted correctly. Etc. Anyway, yes! Patience and practice!

    The hot cocoa sounds delightful! I was just thinking that we needed some today. πŸ™‚


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