Yarn Along: Little Charley Bear

This is Little Charley Bear, a commissioned project. I hope he is approved!






By happy chance, I picked up these two books at the library last week. The Fatal Impact by Alan Moorehead and Anatomy of Paradise by J. C. Furnas. The Fatal Impact talks about Captain Cook’s explorations in the South Pacific and the impact it had on the inhabitants. It is very heavy on the concept of the “Noble Savage”. Alternately, Anatomy of Paradise seems to exist almost solely for the purpose of destroying just that concept! I haven’t read either book cover-to-cover yet, but I have to say that I like Anatomy of Paradise much better so far.



5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Little Charley Bear

  1. It's so chunky that it hurts your hands to do small work. If I were knitting or crocheting a blanket or something large and flat, I'd be using larger needles and it would be looser. Also, the appliqued portions are too thick because of the yarn. Oh well!


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