Ferocious Beast

When we pulled in the driveway and past the back door after Vespers, we noticed an extra mammal hanging around. I got out and cautiously approached the back steps but it didn’t run away. The children crowded around, but not too close (I warned about sharp teeth, rabies*, bad smells, etc.) and I slipped in and got the camera. The cats were milling around like nothing was going on. Suspicious.


(Ok, so those are some seriously cute ears.)

Well, actually it didn’t make a sound. I suppose it could have hissed a little, but I didn’t hear it.
It was really small; about the size of a kitten. Thankfully no one asked if we could keep it. Haha, like I can just tell it to go away anyway. *eye roll*

Β The cats were pretty much ignoring it, as I have said. We did look around for Smokey and noticed that since someone had left one of the van doors open in the rush to see the possum, he had taken advantage of the situation and climbed in. The driver’s seat.

Genevieve was a little more annoyed. But was too smart to get too close.

It didn’t want to “shoo”, but it finally left. So that was our zoology lesson for the day.

*Apparently I was incorrect: opossums are very resistant to rabies and almost never carriers.

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