Blocking the Shawl

I finished weaving the ends in today. There were a LOT of ends.

I had read an article on steam-blocking knitted items that contained acrylic, so I decided that was the way to go. Plus, the only place I have for blocking is my bed and, while I don’t mind using it during the day, I kind of want to sleep in it at night.

Before I completely committed myself to it, I pinned and blocked two little dresses I made for Miss Moppet’s bear. The yarn is similar (and in the case of the top dress, identical) to the yarn used in the shawl, so I thought it would be helpful.



Yeah, I know. Almost too small to tell. Well, I went ahead and pinned the shawl. It took every single pin I had, plus a generous number of bent safety pins I use for pinning quilt layers.

Can you see the difference in the pinned and unpinned portions?

(I had pinned a twin-size sheet over the end of the bed but underestimated the amount of coverage I would need for the whole shawl. Oh well.)

Here are a couple detail shots post-steaming. It’s still pinned on the bed. I’m planning to leave it there for another hour at least before slowly unpinning a part to see if it worked. If it didn’t… well, I don’t know. Back to the drawing board. (If it did I’ll take photos to show off!)

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