The Interloper

 Last night I was sitting at the computer doing something important probably playing solitaire while holding Miss Moppet. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a bit of grey and white fur slide past the corner of the window that I could see between the lamp and the stack of files sitting there. I thought it was Smokey, our grey and white cat. The cats like to hop up on the window sill on the porch and look soulfully at us until we let them in. 

Then after a half a second, something else slid past that corner of the window sill. Something sort of pink. Something furless. Something like a giant earthworm.


I sat up and craned my neck to look over the stack of files on the desk. Um, that’s not Smokey…

Thinking I only had a few seconds before it ran off, I grabbed the camera (sitting conveniently on the desk) and snapped a picture. It didn’t run away. It just sat there and looked at me, rather soulfully.

I quietly called for the kids to come look. Flopsy had been convinced that a possum was getting into the cat food (on the porch) and I wanted them to see the proof that she was right. No one came. I gave up all pretense of being quiet and hollered for them. Miss Moppet was looking at the possum and getting that excited look and waving her arms and legs. If she could talk she would have been saying, “KITTY!!!!!”

No, but kitties were there. Here’s Smokey looking at the interloper:

And here’s Indiana. He’s guarding the cat food bowl. Neither cat seemed to know what to do. The possum, while hardly full-grown, was larger than their usual prey. 

Plus, it was just sitting there, looking soulfully at us. It could clearly see seven (then eight, as Father finally came in) faces looking at it, and yet it was staying put. Father said it was hoping we would think it was a cat and let it in. LOL.

I quietly opened the front door and tried to get a picture from the perspective of the porch. It decided the gig was up and turned around to leave.

It went from the windowsill to the adjoining porch ledge and then we saw how it had gotten up there: it had climbed the scaffolding (there to assist with painting the trim on the house). You can see it just disappearing around one of the uprights (it doesn’t really have two tails – it’s just the camera).

We brought the cat food inside for the night. And we have not adopted another “kitty”, despite the pathetic looks from some of the children and the comparisons to orphaned kittens.

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